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Four Tips for Healthy Winter Feet

Keep your feet in tip-top shape during the winter. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons offers four tips for healthy winter feet.


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  1. If the shoe fits, wear it. When hitting the winter trails, shopping malls or ski slopes, do not compromise comfort and safety.  Protect your feet from blisters, calluses and ankle injuries with the right shoes for the situation.
  2. Be pedicure safety conscious. Reduce your risk of bacterial infections, including MRSA, during your winter getaway pedicure by choosing a salon that follows proper sanitation practices and is licensed by the state.
  3. Watch for ice and snow. Winter wonderlands can be beautiful but also dangerous for ankles. Use caution when traveling outdoors and watch for ice or snow patches along your trail.
  4. Listen to your feet. Do not let foot pain ruin your winter fun; inspect your feet regularly for any evidence of ingrown toenails, bruising, swelling, blisters or calluses. If you have any issues, contact your foot and ankle surgeon.