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Don't Let Bunions Become a Pain How to Avoid Running Injuries Travel Trips for Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis Watch Out for Heel Pain
/newsletter-issues/2022/spring-summer-2022 6/30/2022 12:27:33 PM
Celebrate the New Year with Strong Feet 'Tis the Season for a Mid-Year Foot Check Staying Active for Winter Activities Cold Weather Tips for Diabetic Feet
/newsletter-issues/2021/winter-2021-2022 1/11/2022 1:00:28 PM
What Is Capsulitis of the Second Toe?   Capsulitis of the second toe occurs in the ligaments surrounding the joint at the base of the second toe. These ligaments form a capsule, which helps the joint to function properly. Capsulitis is a condition in which these ligaments ha...
/conditions/capsulitis-of-the-second-toe 7/28/2021 1:32:28 PM
What Is a Neuroma?   A neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue that may develop in various parts of the body. The most common neuroma in the foot is a Morton’s neuroma, which occurs between the third and fourth toes. It is sometimes referred to as an intermetatarsal neuroma....
/conditions/morton-s-neuroma-(intermetatarsal-neuroma) 7/28/2021 1:05:01 PM
Preventing Running Injuries Tackling Big Toe Pain Watch Out for Old Injuries Evaluate Your Feet with the Foot Push-Up Test
/newsletter-issues/2021/spring-2021 3/11/2021 11:56:31 AM
Treating Foot and Ankle Conditions During the COVID-19 Crisis During this unprecedented time, it’s still important to take care of your overall wellness, and your feet are no exception. Healthy feet and ankles are crucial for balance, mobility and a healthy body. However, i...
/article/treating-foot-and-ankle-conditions-during-the-covi 11/4/2020 1:50:48 PM
Six Tips for Healthy Holiday Feet Keep Boot Heels Low This Winter to Prevent Injuries Keep Your Feet Safe at the Gym in the New Year Hit the Slopes and Rinks Safely
/newsletter-issues/2019/winter-2019 12/10/2019 1:04:27 PM
The Doctor Is In! TeleHealth vs. In-Office Appointments Summer Footwear Creates New Problems Avoiding Running Injuries Weekend Warriors: Watch Out for Overuse Injuries
/newsletter-issues/2020/summer-2020 5/18/2020 11:23:40 AM
Don't Invite Gout to Your Holiday Feasts Ice-Related Falls Can Wreak Havoc on Ankles Keep Your Feet Safe at the Gym in the New Year Five Tips for Healthy Holiday Feet
/newsletter-issues/2018/winter-2018 12/18/2018 4:30:16 PM
Prepare for Spring Walkathons to Avoid Foot & Ankle Injuries Is Foot Pain Ruining Your Golf Swing? Foot Health Facts on Children’s Foot Conditions How Smoking Affects Bone Healing
/newsletter-issues/2018/spring-2018 3/15/2018 1:21:15 PM
Your feet and ankles take a beating when you are playing softball. Softball players should be aware of the following risks: Ankle sprains may occur while running, fielding balls and stepping on or sliding into bases. Sprains should be evaluated by a foot and ankle su...
/conditions/softball-injuries-to-the-foot-and-ankle 1/10/2018 1:44:16 PM
Whether an athlete is a recreational, competitive or elite runner, foot and ankle health is essential for optimal performance. Runners are susceptible to overuse injuries, including heel pain (plantar fasciitis) , Achilles tendonitis , sesamoiditis , stress fractures , p...
/conditions/running-and-track-injuries-to-the-foot-and-ankle 1/10/2018 1:31:40 PM
In Women's Shoes, Pain Does Not Equal Gain High-heeled shoes can cause pain, deformities and damage to the feet that can last a lifetime. But doctors say there are steps women can take to reduce high heel-related foot problems. Avoid shoes with pointed toes. Avoi...
/article/in-women-s-shoes,-pain-does-not-equal-gain 12/6/2017 2:33:14 PM
Runners: Fit Feet Finish Faster Both long-distance runners and casual joggers can improve their performance by keeping their feet in top condition and taking steps to control foot problems common in runners, according to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. ...
/article/runners-fit-feet-finish-faster 11/17/2017 11:08:34 AM
Common Runners’ Injury: Stress Fractures of the Foot Repetitive impact on feet can increase risk of damage.   Stress fractures of the foot are becoming more common in runners, especially first-time marathoners. The growing popularity of marathons among beginni...
/article/common-runners’-injury-stress-fractures-of-the-foo 11/17/2017 10:57:35 AM
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