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Seniors: How Healthy Feet Can Reduce Your Risk of Falling Among older Americans, falls are the number one cause of injuries and death from injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not only are seniors more at risk for falls, when they do so, it po...
/article/seniors-how-healthy-feet-can-reduce-your-risk-of-f 1/24/2019 4:52:38 PM
Tell Injuries to Take a Hike this Fall Combating Diabetes is a Family Affair Make Heading Back to School Painless for Feet Painful Big Toe? Relief is in Sight
/newsletter-issues/2019/fall-2019 9/19/2019 12:36:01 PM
Keep Boot Heels Low This Winter to Prevent Foot & Ankle Injuries Cold Weather Tips for Diabetic Foot Care Low Vitamin D Levels Can Increase Your Risk of Foot Fractures Skiing or Skating This Winter? Keep Feet & Ankles Safe from Injury
/newsletter-issues/2017/winter-2017 11/30/2017 3:41:03 PM
Avoid Ankle Pain This Winter Protect Your Feet from Frostbite Ingrown Toenails Can Cause Big Problems for Kids
/newsletter-issues/2015/winter-2015 5/31/2016 1:42:06 PM
When to Visit a Foot & Ankle Surgeon Most people have a foot or ankle problem at one time or another. So how do you know when to see a foot and ankle surgeon?  Sometimes it’s obvious that you need to seek help, but at other times it’s less clear. In reality, many symptoms—e...
/articles/when-to-visit-a-foot-ankle-surgeon 6/24/2016 2:41:21 PM
New Ankle Arthritis Treatments Help Boomers Stay Active Foot and ankle surgeons discuss arthritis surgical advances.     There’s good news for active older adults who are plagued with arthritic ankles. Surgeons are rethinking treatment approaches for end-stage ankle ar...
/article/new-ankle-arthritis-treatments-help-boomers-stay-a 11/8/2016 5:35:38 PM
Is Your Foot Fracture an Early Sign of Osteoporosis? Foot surgeons urge patients not to ignore foot pain.     Unexplained foot fractures may be the first sign of osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disease that affects more than 28 million Americans and accounts for 1.5 million...
/article/is-your-foot-fracture-an-early-sign-of-osteoporosi 11/23/2016 12:24:21 PM
Small Scars, Big Benefits Arthroscopic surgery gets patients back on their feet faster.     Performing arthroscopic surgery on a foot or ankle ailment offers patients more than just a smaller scar. The procedure, which involves making small incisions, also can be less pa...
/article/small-scars,-big-benefits 11/23/2016 1:42:41 PM
Runners: Fit Feet Finish Faster Both long-distance runners and casual joggers can improve their performance by keeping their feet in top condition and taking steps to control foot problems common in runners, according to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. ...
/article/runners-fit-feet-finish-faster 11/17/2017 11:08:34 AM
Six Tips to Protect Kids in Fall Sports Every fall season, foot and ankle surgeons see an increase in ankle injuries among young athletes. Football, soccer and basketball are the sports most likely to lead to sprains, broken bones and other problems. If your children are pl...
/article/6-tips-to-protect-kids-in-fall-sports 1/10/2018 2:34:32 PM
Back-to-School Safety with the Right Shoes Why You Shouldn't Put Off Elective Surgeries Got Heel Pain? It's Fall Yardwork Season
/newsletter-issues/2020/fall-2020 10/23/2020 12:14:39 PM
Avoid Sprains & Fractures This Summer 10 Tips for Healthy Outdoor Feet Don’t Let Bunions Sideline You
/newsletter-issues/2014/summer-2014 6/27/2016 5:22:58 PM
Don’t Start off the School Year with Painful Feet Big Relief is in Sight for a Painful Big Toe Keep Your Feet Safe and Your Yard Clean
/newsletter-issues/2013/fall-2013 6/27/2016 5:31:09 PM
Parents: Buying the Right Shoes Assist Your Diabetic Loved Ones Keep Your Feet Safe
/newsletter-issues/2012/fall-2012 6/27/2016 5:34:06 PM
Don’t Ignore Your Kids’ Heel Pain Keep Your Ankles Safe from Fractures this Winter Season Keep Your Toes Toasty
/newsletter-issues/2011/winter-2011 6/27/2016 6:28:28 PM
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