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When to Fix Kids' Feet: Don't Wait to Seek Help Being an advocate for your child can lead to improved outcomes Identifying the difference between growing pains and injuries can be difficult for a parent. Since children are growing and active, they can easily take a fall or t...
/article/when-to-fix-kids-feet 5/10/2018 11:08:44 AM
Flip Flops & Foot Health Summer Barefoot Safety Diabetes & Protecting Your Feet from Heat Help for Heel Pain
/newsletter-issues/2018/summer-2018 6/19/2018 12:50:13 PM
Evolving Surgery Helping to Eliminate Foot Nerve Pain Foot & ankle surgeons are finding relief for long-time sufferers Imagine suffering with severe nerve pain in your feet—a pain often described as a shooting or burning sensation without reprieve. Oftentimes, this type of ...
/article/evolving-surgery-helping-to-eliminate-foot-nerve-p 9/28/2018 10:56:30 AM
What Is a Gangrene? Gangrene occurs when there is a lack of blood supply to tissue, depriving it of oxygen, and thereby causing death and decay of the tissue. The two main types of gangrene are wet (caused by bacterial infection) and dry (no infection). Your risk of gangrene...
/conditions/gangrene 8/3/2021 4:47:41 PM
Foot Health Facts for Athletes From the repeated pounding that runners’ feet receive on paved surfaces to the side-to-side motion seen in court sports, there’s no question that athletes’ feet and ankles are prime candidates for injuries. Our comprehensive list of sport...
/article/foot-health-facts-for-athletes 11/8/2016 5:02:54 PM
Five Tips For Healthy Holiday Feet Don't let sore, achy feet ruin your holiday season. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons offers five tips for healthy holiday feet. (View Full-Size Version)   If the shoe fits, wear it.   When hitting the dance flo...
/article/five-tips-for-healthy-holiday-feet 12/6/2017 5:37:10 PM
The Doctor Is In! TeleHealth vs. In-Office Appointments Summer Footwear Creates New Problems Avoiding Running Injuries Weekend Warriors: Watch Out for Overuse Injuries
/newsletter-issues/2020/summer-2020 5/18/2020 11:23:40 AM
Get Your Feet in Shape for Sandal Season Beat the Heat with Healthy Summer Feet Protect Your Feet from Lawnmower Injuries
/newsletter-issues/2016/volume-23,-issue-3,-may-2016 5/26/2016 2:14:21 PM
Don't Let Pain Slow Down Your Spring Walks Job Tough on Your Feet? Don't Ignore Ankle Sprains
/newsletter-issues/2015/spring-2015 6/27/2016 5:16:54 PM
Overdoing Sports Can Lead to Overuse Injuries Shopping Tips for Children’s Shoes Do Arches Really Fall?
/newsletter-issues/2014/fall-2014 6/27/2016 5:24:27 PM
Big Relief Is in Sight for a Painful Big Toe While many people give little thought to their big toes, many others are plagued by a painful condition that limits or eventually totally restricts movement of that all-important toe (digit). Once the big toe starts to hurt, it is...
/article/big-relief-is-in-sight-for-a-painful-big-toe 11/23/2016 11:58:52 AM
What Is Equinus?   Equinus is a condition in which the upward bending motion of the ankle joint is limited. Someone with equinus lacks the flexibility to bring the top of the foot toward the front of the leg. Equinus can occur in one or both feet. When it involves both feet,...
/conditions/equinus 11/8/2017 2:45:42 PM
Rare Diabetes Foot Complication Becoming More Common At first, Kim Schraeder did not worry about the swelling in her left foot. After all, it was pulling double-duty while her other foot recovered from surgery. "I have a high threshold for pain," she says. "It hurt to walk ...
/article/rare-diabetes-foot-complication-becoming-more-comm 12/4/2017 1:54:30 PM
Don't Let Your Feet Ruin Your Day at the Beach    As millions of Americans hit the beach this summer, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons offers these foot safety tips. (View full-sized version) Protect Your Feet from Puncture Wounds and Cuts Wear shoe...
/article/don-t-let-your-feet-ruin-your-day-at-the-beach 12/6/2017 1:25:43 PM
What Is Deep Vein Thrombosis?   The blood supply of the leg is transported by arteries and veins. The arteries carry blood from the heart to the limbs; veins carry blood back to the heart. The leg contains superficial veins, which are close to the surface, and deep veins, wh...
/conditions/deep-vein-thrombosis-(dvt) 1/10/2018 11:37:19 AM
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