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How Does a Bone Heal?   The bone healing process is the same in all broken bones. This is true whether a bone has been cut as part of a surgical procedure or fractured through an injury.  The bone healing process has three overlapping stages: inflammation, bone production a...
/conditions/bone-healing 7/28/2021 11:24:01 AM
Use Caution When Tackling Home Improvement Projects With the recent pandemic, many are still taking advantage of the stay-at-home-time to complete home and yard projects. Foot and ankle surgeons urge homeowners to take appropriate precautions to keep your feet and ankles saf...
/article/use-caution-when-tackling-home-improvement-project 7/2/2021 12:49:49 PM
What Are the Peroneal Tendons?   To understan peroneal tendon injuries, it's important to first understand what the peroneal tendons do. A tendon is a band of tissue that connects a muscle to a bone. The two peroneal tendons in the foot run side by side behind the outer ank...
/conditions/peroneal-tendon-injuries 6/30/2021 11:38:26 AM
Preventing Running Injuries Tackling Big Toe Pain Watch Out for Old Injuries Evaluate Your Feet with the Foot Push-Up Test
/newsletter-issues/2021/spring-2021 3/11/2021 11:56:31 AM
What are the Sesamoids of the Foot?    To understand sesamoid injuries in the foot, it's imporant to know what sesamoinds are. A sesamoid is a bone embedded in a tendon. Sesamoids are found in several joints in the body. In the normal foot, the sesamoids are two pea-shaped ...
/conditions/sesamoid-injuries-in-the-foot 6/17/2021 5:12:59 PM
What Is a Fifth Metatarsal Fracture?   Fifth metatarsal fractures (breaks) are common foot foot injuries. The fifth metatarsal is the long bone on the outside of the foot that connects to the little toe. Two types of fractures that often occur in the fifth metatarsal are: ...
/conditions/fractures-of-the-fifth-metatarsal 6/17/2021 5:08:53 PM
Back-to-School Safety with the Right Shoes Why You Shouldn't Put Off Elective Surgeries Got Heel Pain? It's Fall Yardwork Season
/newsletter-issues/2020/fall-2020 10/23/2020 12:14:39 PM
Foot & Ankle Surgeons Examine Strategies to Treat Ulcers Before They Start Preventing reoccurrence key to managing dangerous foot wounds People with reoccurring foot sores or ulcers are in a constant battle to save their feet from amputation. Nearly 85 percent of lower-extr...
/article/foot-ankle-surgeons-examine-strategies-to-treat-ul 10/28/2020 1:12:59 PM
Keep Boot Heels Low This Winter to Prevent Foot & Ankle Injuries Cold Weather Tips for Diabetic Foot Care Low Vitamin D Levels Can Increase Your Risk of Foot Fractures Skiing or Skating This Winter? Keep Feet & Ankles Safe from Injury
/newsletter-issues/2017/winter-2017 11/30/2017 3:41:03 PM
Keep Kids’ Feet & Ankles Safe During Fall Sports Season Have You Heard of a Lisfranc Injury? Bunion Surgery FAQs Help Your Loved Ones Living with Diabetes Thrive
/newsletter-issues/2017/fall-2017 8/30/2017 11:47:58 AM
Six Tips for Healthy Holiday Feet Keep Boot Heels Low This Winter to Prevent Injuries Keep Your Feet Safe at the Gym in the New Year Hit the Slopes and Rinks Safely
/newsletter-issues/2019/winter-2019 12/10/2019 1:04:27 PM
The Doctor Is In! TeleHealth vs. In-Office Appointments Summer Footwear Creates New Problems Avoiding Running Injuries Weekend Warriors: Watch Out for Overuse Injuries
/newsletter-issues/2020/summer-2020 5/18/2020 11:23:40 AM
Staying Safe & Strong Amid COVID-19 Watch for Heel Pain with Spring Activities Don't Let Foot Pain Ruin Your Golf Swing Keep Kids' Spring and Summer Sports Injury Free
/newsletter-issues/2020/spring-2020 3/23/2020 11:24:28 AM
Tell Injuries to Take a Hike this Fall Combating Diabetes is a Family Affair Make Heading Back to School Painless for Feet Painful Big Toe? Relief is in Sight
/newsletter-issues/2019/fall-2019 9/19/2019 12:36:01 PM
Keep Your Kids’ Feet & Ankles Safe This Summer Get Your Feet Ready for Sandal Season Sandals & Foot Problems in Men MRSA Infections
/newsletter-issues/2019/summer-2019 6/11/2019 3:30:10 PM
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