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Articles by Type: Seniors

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Seniors: How Healthy Feet Can Reduce Your Risk of Falling

Not only are seniors more at risk for falls, when they do so, it poses a greater risk for injuries, hospitalization and complications. For a ground-up approach to fall prevention, seniors should start by examining the health of their feet. Learn more »

Seniors Can Help Reduce Risk of Falling by Fixing Painful Feet

It’s just not true that foot pain is a normal consequence of growing older. In addition to healthy feet and ankles contributing to a full and active lifestyle, they can also reduce a senior’s risk for dangerous and deadly falls. Learn more »

Old Ankle Sprains Increase Risk for Newly Active Baby Boomers

Many older adult athletes who have had a previous injury that wasn’t fully rehabilitated may experience swelling and pain as they increase their physical activity. Learn more »

New Ankle Arthritis Treatments Help Boomers Stay Active

Baby Boomers are more active than ever and don’t want to be held back by painful arthritis. While in the past pain-relieving ankle fusions were the gold standard for care, new surgical techniques including arthroscopic ankle surgery, total ankle joint replacements and bone or cartilage replacement are offering hope for those wanting to remain active. Learn more »

Cartilage Regeneration Benefits Athletes & Boomers

In the past, a loss of cartilage meant a loss of functionality, today’s advances promote cartilage regeneration to get people back to living. Learn more »

Boomers not Backing Down from Foot and Ankle Arthritis

Foot and ankle surgeons say Baby Boomers are more likely than previous generations to seek care when arthritis develops in their toes, feet and ankles. Learn more »