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Use Caution When Tackling Home Improvement Projects

With the recent pandemic, many are still taking advantage of the stay-at-home-time to complete home and yard projects. Foot and ankle surgeons urge homeowners to take appropriate precautions to keep your feet and ankles safe on any project by wearing proper foot gear. Learn more »

Mystery Moles

Because sun exposure is so often associated with skin cancers, those areas of the body that do not receive regular exposure, like the feet and ankles, are often overlooked when people are checking their moles. Learn more »

Watch Your Step: Uneven Hiking Terrain Poses Threat to Feet & Ankles

Hiking the thousands of beautiful trails across the country can be a great way to absorb nature’s beauty while getting great exercise. But because of the uneven terrains on hiking trails, hikers should pay close attention to avoid slips and falls that may lead to injury. Learn more »

Foot & Ankle Surgeons Examine Latest Heel Pain Treatments

Heel pain, an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes, can start as a minor annoyance that people deal with for months before being properly identified as plantar fasciitis—a condition that one in 10 people will suffer from in their lifetime. Learn more »

Advances in Combating Big Toe Arthritis

The big toe plays a crucial role in standing, walking and many other daily activities. It makes it possible for humans to walk and run upright, and it absorbs forces equal to nearly twice a person’s body weight when walking. With all that the big toe endures, it comes as no surprise that overuse can erode the joint cartilage and cause serious pain and even physical deformities. Learn more »

What Is This Bump on My Foot?

Bumps on your feet can signal both serious and non-serious conditions, so it is always best to have all lumps and bumps properly examined by a foot and ankle surgeon. Learn more »

Why Won't My Ankle Sprain Heal?

Sprained ankles are painful and can temporarily limit a patient’s ability to walk normally, but properly diagnosing and treating an ankle injury in a timely manner is imperative to proper healing and reduces the chances of long-term, chronic ankle pain. Learn more »

Why Does My Heel Hurt?

While there can be many reasons for heel pain, we as foot and ankle surgeons categorize heel pain into four major causes: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, bursitis and nerve pain. Diagnosing the specific issue depends on the exact location of the pain and how the pain affects the mechanical movement of the leg. Learn more »

When Is It Time to See a Foot and Ankle Surgeon?

Any time you're experiencing foot and ankle pain or have a serious injury, it's best to start with the physician who specifically specializes in providing care to this important part of your body—a foot and ankle surgeon. Learn more »

Not All Achilles Tendons Are Treated the Same

When an Achilles tendon is ruptured, a complete or partial tear of the tendon occurs leaving the heel bone separated (or partially separated) from the knee. Learn more »

Evolving Surgery Helping to Eliminate Foot Nerve Pain

Foot and ankle surgeons can properly diagnose foot pain and determine if it is nerve pain or if it is coming from other sources. Learn more »

Check Pain Management Off Your List of Foot Surgery Worries

Even if you have a high tolerance for pain, the unfortunate truth is that pain can be an accompaniment of the healing process following any surgery. But, with the proper care, healing after foot and ankle surgery can be more comfortable than you might expect. Learn more »

When a Hammertoe Is Not Just a Hammertoe

What looks like just a hammertoe may be a more serious condition. Learn more »

What to Ask Your Foot and Ankle Surgeon About Bunion Surgery

If you're considering bunion surgery, here are some questions to ask your foot and ankle surgeon. Learn more »

Walkathons Present Foot Health Challenges for Sedentary Adults

Walkathons appeal to a wide variety of fitness levels, but they can present a special concern for sedentary adults. Learn more »

That Pain in Your Back Could be Linked to Your Feet

If your lower back has been hurting, and you don’t remember doing anything to injure it, the source of your pain could be your feet! Learn more »

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Cause Overuse Injuries of the Foot

Being physically active has long been applauded as an ingredient for good health-but doing too much too soon can wreak havoc on the feet and cause painful overuse injuries: tendonitis, ruptured tendons, and stress fractures, to name a few. Learn more »

Surgeons Can Now Get Bones, Stem Cells "Off the Shelf"

When patients need a bone graft for a foot or ankle surgery, bone often is taken from another part of their body. Now surgeons are using new methods to get bone material and even stem cells right “off the shelf.” Learn more »

Sprained Ankles Can be Complicated–and Misdiagnosed

Ankle sprains may be one of the most common injuries, but they’re also commonly misdiagnosed Learn more »

Small Scars, Big Benefits

Performing arthroscopic surgery on a foot or ankle injury offers patients more than just a smaller scar—it can result in less pain, fewer complications and quicker recovery time. Learn more »

Regenerative Medicine: Evidence Suggests Human Body Best Resource for Healing

The human body may be its own best ally when it comes to the treatment of injuries, ulcers and deformities, especially when it concerns helping a patient's foot or ankle to heal faster. Learn more »

Potentially Deadly Infection Linked to Common Foot Conditions

More Americans are developing drug-resistant staph infections, known as MRSA, from common, relatively minor foot problems such as cuts, cracks in the skin, athlete’s foot and ingrown toenails. Learn more »

Obesity Doubles Ankle Fracture Risk

Obesity nearly doubles the odds of a patient having the most severe category of ankle fracture, according to research published in a recent issue of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons’ Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery (JFAS). Learn more »

Keep Deadly Blood Clots at Bay

Pulmonary embolisms can be an unwanted side effect after surgery. Learn the risk factors and how to prevent the deadly condition from occurring. Learn more »

Is Your Foot Fracture an Early Sign of Osteoporosis?

Unexplained foot fractures may be the first sign of osteoporosis, a bone thinning disease which affects over 28 million Americans and accounts for 1.5 million bone fractures a year. Learn more »

Is Foot Pain Ruining Your Golf Swing?

Your big toe, heel and ball of your foot are the spots most likely to cause pain that can ruin your golf swing. Learn more »

Heel Pain Continues to Plague Adults

Heel pain can have many different causes with the most common being plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the band of tissue (plantar fascia) that extends from the heel to the toes. The good news is heel pain is treatable. Learn more »

Healthy Feet Make the Best Dancing Feet

Being ‘light on your feet’ when dancing is not entirely true; dancing the night away can take a toll on feet and ankles. Both professional and amateur dancers can suffer foot injuries that can stop the show, as witnessed this season on the popular reality-television show, Dancing with the Stars. With dancing being repetitively hard on the lower extremities, how can dancers of any level protect their feet and ankles? Learn more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Bunion Surgery

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about bunions and their treatment. Learn more »

For Patients Suffering Flatfoot: Do Not Wait to Seek Help

Early diagnosis and treatment can lead to improved outcomes for patients with flat feet. Learn more »

Foot Push-Up Test

Take this simple test to check how well your arches are performing their important functions. Learn more »

Cosmetic Foot Surgery: Fashion’s Pandora’s Box?

The cosmetic surgery craze isn't just for faces anymore-it's now moved to the feet, and it's kicking up a storm. Learn more »

Big Toe Injuries

Don’t underestimate an injured or broken toe. Big toe, great toe, or the medical term "hallux"-whatever you call that first toe of yours, it's an important digit you don't want to injure, because it could turn out to be a bigger problem than you think. Learn more »

Big Relief is in Sight for a Painful Big Toe

Many people are plagued by a painful condition that limits or eventually totally restricts movement of that all-important big toe. Once it starts to hurt, it's obvious just how much we use it get around, bend over, or even stand. If you have this condition, read on. Learn more »

Ankle Replacement Transforms Hopeless Situations into Active Lives

Technological advances in ankle replacement are ushering in a new world of pain-free movement for people suffering from debilitating ankle arthritis. Learn more »

Ankle Replacement Rapidly on the Rise

Arthritic hips and knees are replaced all the time—but did you know that arthritic ankles can also be replaced? Learn more »

Ankle Fractures Often Not Diagnosed

Mistaking an ankle fracture for an ankle sprain has serious consequences when the foot does not heal correctly. Learn more »

Advancing Tissue Healing Without Surgery

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from a new procedure called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Learn more »

Advances in Bunion Surgery Lead to Faster, Less Painful Recovery

Good news for the one-in-five adult Americans suffering from bunions. Learn more »

A Speedier Recovery: Advances Minimize Post-Op Crutch Use

Recent innovative surgical techniques promote early postoperative weightbearing, giving way for patients to benefit from this more mobile recovery period. Learn more »